Persicaria longiseta

Bristly Lady's-thumb, Long-bristled Smartweed, Oriental Lady's-thumb

[not native to the Mid-Atlantic area]

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Family: Polygonaceae

Mid-Atlantic bloom time: May - October

Bristly Lady's-thumb is a noxious, shade-tolerant invasive that is common throughout the mid-Atlantic region, from wetlands to upland forests. Native to southeast Asia, it was first discovered in North America in 1910 near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bristly Lady's-thumb's small inflorescences are dark pink to red, usually at the top of the plant. A diagnostic feature is the relatively long upward-pointing bristles that arise from the sheaths at each branching leaf node of its stem.

24 July 2014
Bristoe Station Battlefield, Manassas, VA
24 July 2014
Bristoe Station Battlefield, Manassas, VA
25 July 2014
Conway Robinson Memorial State Forest, Gainesville, VA

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