Acer negundo

Eastern Boxelder, Ash-leaved Maple

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Family: Sapindaceae

Mid-Atlantic bloom time: March - May

Eastern Boxelder is mostly dioecious (separate "male" and "female" trees), but occasionally has both types of flowers on a single tree. It has compound leaves with typically 3-5 leaflets.

Note the individual leaflet shape is similar to Poison Ivy, which can cause some confusion when the tree is young or its unclear whether a vine or branch is hanging in your face. The two can easily be differentiated by noting that Eastern Boxelder has opposite compound leaves with 3 or 5 leaflets, whereas Poison Ivy has alternate compound leaves with only 3 leaflets.

20 June 2014
Manassas National Battlefield Park

Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA
(emerging male flowers)
29 March 2017
Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA
(male flowers)
19 April 2018
Dove's Landing Park, Manassas, VA
(female flowers)
5 July 2014
Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve, Leesburg, VA
(samaras, i.e., winged seeds)

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